March 2022 – Agile CoP – Lunch & Learn – When to (and not to) apply Agile

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@ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


A lot of people have a preferred style of approaching project work, and a lot of other things besides. Some prefer detailed plans, while others prefer figuring things out as they go. Predictably, that can lead to tension and even conflict.

Robert Merrill believes we can resolve a lot of the tension by accepting that we all want successful projects, that success is multi-dimensional, that both agile and plan-driven (“waterfall”) approaches have both succeeded and failed, and that we would like a way to choose an approach based on fitness for the work as well as preference.

Having observed and lived the riskiness of project work in IT, Robert will begin the session with a short talk about three dimensions of project uncertainty and risk, the power and limitations of planning, and agile as a risk-management strategy that often fits our work but sometimes doesn’t.

We’ll spend the rest of the time in a structured conversation, using the Lean Coffee format, about participants’ choices of topic related to the overall theme of, “How should we go about this project?”


# of Attendees: 18