HEUG – Agile/Scrum Workshop (Cancelled)

This event has passed.

@ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

HEUG Conference cancelled.

Given pervasive budget constraints, Higher Education IT is increasingly pressed to deliver value more quickly. Agile development is all about frequent delivery of products. More and more UW-Madison IT projects are “going agile” and using a Scrum framework to deliver fast, deliver often and manage risks through frequent feedback and iteration. Agile and Scrum are based on frequent communication between IT and their customers to keep the project moving and delivering the highest value features first. Through regular detailed planning (every two to four weeks), continual sharing of work in progress with customers and frequent opportunities for obtaining feedback, Agile/Scrum teams can respond to change and hit a moving target.

Come and experience what it’s like to be on a Scrum team in this high-participation, hands-on workshop that’s been successfully presented many times at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as well as at EDUCAUSE 2017 and Alliance 2019. You’ll learn about Scrum team roles, artifacts, techniques and ceremonies and experience them first hand.